iRatchet 3.09

Slick professional tool to manage your invoices and bills


  • Lots of invoice templates
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Slick interface
  • Import and export database


  • A bit omplex for beginners

Very good

iRatchet is an Invoicing and Billing app that features a slick Cocoa interface and integration with CoreData, Spotlight, MobileMe, AddressBook and iCal.

iRatchet features tracking hourly and fixed entries, multiple clients/projects, timers, PDF output, emailing of invoices as you'd expect. It also has tools to help you manage workflow, hours worked and and web interface that you can access anywhere. i

iRatchet is ideal for those working for clients in different countries as it can store country codes and currency codes of multiple international clients. The latest version works with GoiRatchet - a free iPhone companion that allows you to sync up with your database, modify items in an open project and sync them again later.

There are several professional looking invoice templates to choose from and you can import, backup and export databases into an XML with ease.

iRatchet is an ideal solution for someone who needs a professional invoicing solution or has clients in several different countries.

A trio of new Templates! Various bug fixes.


  • A trio of new Templates! Various bug fixes.

iRatchet is a new Tiger-only invoicing and billing application written in Objective-C/Cocoa. iRatchet provides the features and functionality common to billing and invoicing apps, (tracking hourly and fixed entries, multiple clients/projects, timers, pdf output, emailing of invoices, etc.), it excells in workflow, mileage tracking, web integration and ease-of-use.


  • Address Book Integration
  • iCal Integration
  • Spotlight Integration
  • Invoice/Report generation
  • Simple and intuitive Invoice customization
  • Flexible workflow choices
  • Invoice compositing
  • Mileage tracking / reporting
  • Robust tax support
  • International formatting
  • .Mac and local backup



iRatchet 3.09

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